Dia Condominiums by TAS DesignBuild Design


Streamlined outside, contemporary in, TAS DesignBuild’s DIA gives you places to live, work and play. Designed for efficiency and performance, detailed for handsome good looks and custom feel, these are spaces that give you what you want (and more).


Light and Space

TAS DesignBuild designed DIA spaces to maximize the modern day need for space, light, and spatial flexibility. From the air and space created through floor-to-ceiling windows, to the utility of each interior — every condo, loft, or townhome — has been planned to provide elegant living arrangements where every elements falls harmoniously into place. Add streamlined style — and your senses peak with pleasure. This is living, breathing, space, where it’s a pleasure to live.

Gourmet Kitchens & Spa Bathrooms

What modern living demands, you’ll find at TAS DesignBuild’s DIA. Custom designed gourmet kitchens complete with granite countertops and modern appliances that suit your mood. In the ensuite bathroom, you’ll find the inviting deluxe look of marble or porcelain tile flooring, and marble countertops. In the main bathroom everything looks and feels as clean, fresh and hi-function as a spa. Best of all, the luxury is “standard” — making these all-important areas soar with style.

Features & Finishes

Reflecting the refined and natural aspects of the exterior, inside of TAS DesignBuild’s DIA, you’ll find deluxe materials and top grade finishes that provide that high-quality look and feel. All the interior design was selected to provide the right space for all treasures — contemporary or antique.